Vessel Management

VOM manages a fleet of vessels that works to support the Oil and Gas (O&G) sector such as heavy duty Offshore Support Vessels (OSV), Platform Support Vessels (PSV), Anchor Handling Tugs (AHT) stationed at the work site in support of the direct O&G operations. Working alongside these vessels are the daily support vessels such as crew transfer vessels, logistics support vessels, chase/security vessels and local pilot vessels.

For long distance security escort and maritime reconnoitering missions, VOM have invested heavily into specific assets such as former military vessels. The speed and maneuverability of these vessels make them ideal for maritime escort and patrolling work. In order to keep up with the exponential demand for its security vessel services, VOM is looking actively to expand its fleet so as to meet the urgency and tailored requirements of our client needs. They are expressly outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment for maritime security and support services, some of the special fittings are:

  • Satellite Communications for instant and secured 24/7 services.
  • 360° FLIR surveillance. (Forward Looking Infra-Red Thermal Imaging Camera)
  • Specially designed loading and launching interdiction vessel divots.
  • Vessel Hardening Equipment.
  • Advanced Aerial Surveillance Equipment.

Oil Trading (Refined & Crude)

Commodities trading in oil products is a service that VOM has undertaken as an extension of  its fifteen years in the Oil and Gas Industry. Establishing strong logistical liaisons in foreign countries is a specialised art that VOM have forged in making their global operations successful. VOM prides itself on forming strong, reputable and credible alliances in many parts of the world namely in Africa, Middle East and Asia. It is this unique strength that makes VOM the "right fit' when bringing two committed entities together in order to close oil related trading agreements.

VOM have come to understand that there are Genuine Buyers and Genuine Sellers of many oil products throughout the world. However, for various reasons ranging from dysfunctional administrative procedures to trust issues, many deals are flawed and non viable at the beginning. We at VOM ensure that the proper due diligence is done which results in a cohesive and positive outcome for both parties. In oil trading, business continuation is the ingredient to our success and with our strict in house procedures that are fair and reasonable for the Buyer and Seller we are able to measure and maintain the consistency of our service for every transaction.

Pilot Service

We provide marine advisory services to Very Large Vessels with a draught of up to 20 meters through the Straits of Malacca & Singapore. Our pool of Senior Pilots are Master Mariners with command experience on ocean going vessels and have more than 10 years of experience as Class A1 Pilots. They are experienced in navigating through the heavily congested waters of Singapore and its surrounding region. We also provide,

  • Tanker Management Self-Assessment Navigation Audit (TMSA)
  • Assist the Master in joining the East or West bound traffic lane and navigate the vessel up to the Horsburgh Lighthouse or to The Brothers Islands, upon the disembarkation of the harbor pilots.
  • Assist the Masters during Sea Trials.

Maritime Protective Services

With more than 500 successful maritime escorts under the belt of VOM personnel, the company prides itself on its comprehensive security standard operating procedures, stringent security personnel selection and rigorous security discipline and training. VOM personnel possesses OPITO accreditation, STCW 2010, PFSO, CSO, SSO qualifications and are qualified to be part of a VOM maritime security detail.

The services in this division include protection of strategic maritime assets and waterborne security services, ship security risk assessments, voyage and location threat assessments, ship security surveys and crew safety training. To ensure a pool of available qualified security personnel who can be activated at extremely short notice, VOM trains and regularly audits its retinue of guard personnel to ensure their immediate readiness for pressing missions. Our experienced personnel are eminently suitable for both armed and un-armed assignments to suit our clients’ requirements.

Our focus is steadfast, protecting our client’s assets and crew on the water. The way in which we build our relationships with our clients is vital. We invest the time to get to know them because we are solution driven not product driven. Not only are every client’s needs unique they change over time and are specific to each project.

MSS Credentials