Social Media and Media Policy

Social Media and Media Policy Statement

This Social Media and Media Policy Statement aims to provide guidance to all of our personnel and suppliers on how to communicate through social media and with the media in relation to Vessel Offshore Management.

The Social Media and Media Policy Statement relates to all forms of communication with regards to our business and operations including social media, reporting media (journalists) and unsolicited/solicited external people. The policy extends to all operations carried out by Vessel Offshore Management including during incidents.

A breach of this policy will be dealt with robustly by Vessel Offshore Management and may constitute gross misconduct.

Only a Director or his designated representative is permitted to post materials on social media websites in the name of and on behalf of VOM.

News Media

Any request for information by the news media or their representatives should be directed to a VOM Director for comment. At no time should a member of VOM personnel make any comments on behalf of the company. Following any incident the only person with the authority to communicate with the media is the Director or his designated public relations officer.

Social Media

At no time should any sensitive information be communicated, this includes commercially and security sensitive data. If you are in doubt refer to a Director for authorisation.

Images of VOM clients, their property or personnel should never be communicated.