Vessel Offshore Management (VOM) is an international maritime asset management, maritime security and intelligence company. VOM offers a complete suite of security solutions for companies to operate safely in the maritime sphere on any part of the globe. VOM operates three distinctive divisions to cater for fully integrated services that ranges from waterborne security escorts, intelligence services to vessel charters. Its divisions are:

Vessel Management – Vessel Chartering
Maritime Security – Escort Vessels
Pilot Services – Singapore and Malacca Straits

VOM contacts and network allows us to operate in locations throughout the world namely South East Asia (Australia, Java Straits, South China Sea, Makassar Straits, Andaman Sea, Singapore and the Malacca Straits), Indian Ocean, East African (Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique) West Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Sierra Leone) Somalia Coastline, Gulf of Aden (Yemen Coastline, Djibouti), Red Sea).

Our extensive client base covers the gamut of shipping and ship management companies, insurance companies, oil and gas producers and exploration companies, sub-sea construction, surveying and cable-laying companies among others the world’s leading oil and gas providers.

It is VOM practice to work closely with the relevant Government authorities (littoral states) so that our clients receive the best response and assistance while at the same time respecting the important and varying duties of those state bodies.


MSS Credentials